MTHFR and the Stress Gut Connection

This video series is dedicated to answering two very important questions. The first question is “How does our gut health influence the health of the rest of the body?”. The second question is “Why do supplements, esp. methylation nutrients, make my symptoms WORSE?” These are questions which come up again and again in the minds of both doctors and patient. These are questions which hold the key to understanding the root cause of many methylation problems. And these are questions I am going to unravel for you over the course of the next three videos! Dr. Rostenberg has discovered powerful, natural strategies to restore the gut to health and prevent the negative effects of stress. He can help you uncover the genetic causes of your health problem and find a natural solution! If you would like help with your methylation genetics or other health concern, please contact Dr. Rostenberg at Red Mountain Natural Medicine today. Phone 208-322-7755. Email