Chiropractic and Your Baby

A child’s body needs many things to be completely healthy.  In addition to clean food, loving care, a safe home, and lots of nap time, the child’s body needs a good nervous system and proper spinal alignment.
  Would you raise your child inside a house with crooked walls and a leaky roof?  Of course not!  It is the same with your child’s body.  Your child’s spine is the foundation of the body just like the foundation of a house.  When it is properly maintained and adjusted, the spine is in correct alignment and the nervous system is working at full capacity.  Chiropractic corrects the spine and helps our children adapt to challenges, fight infections, and develop fully into a healthy person.  But when the spine is out of alignment, our babies can suffer all kinds of health challenges.


Chiropractic Can Help Treat:
Acid Reflux
Ear Infections
and much more…
WHEN:   Friday, May 4th, at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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