Hey Man, Are You Estrogen Toxic?

If you are an athlete, body builder, or active person chances are you have seen products claiming to boost testosterone and increase muscle mass, libido, etc.  What if I told you that low testosterone was only
a symptom of a much bigger problem?  What if the driving factor behind loss of testosterone, loss of libido, and muscle mass was actually too much estrogen in the male body?  I’m afraid its true that estrogen isn’t just an issue for the ladies anymore.  Both men and women suffer from too much estrogen in today’s hectic, stress-out world.  During the last century mankind has created and released over 80,000 synthetic, persistent chemicals into the environment, many of which act like estrogen inside the human body!

These chemicals have been sprayed onto our food, released in the air, and dumped into the rivers, lakes, streams and aquifers all over our country.  They do not degrade and they stay around in the environment for hundreds and even thousands of years.  If they did no harm then that would be one thing.  But we are finding out that many of these common chemicals – found in your carpet, your car, your plastic containers, etc. – have estrogen-like activity in the human body.  And when men get high levels of fake, toxic, poisonous estrogen into their systems, it starts to cause health problems!

You might be thinking that these toxins are so diluted that it doesn’t cause a problem.  However, these chemicals are strong enough to cause fish to be born with two heads and to cause male fish to grow female sex organs.  If they are strong enough to do that to fish, what can these toxins do to humans?  We know that sperm counts in males in America have dropped by an average of 50% in the last fifty years!  Also, there are fewer males being born in general.  These two facts alone should give you pause to consider the impact that estrogen toxins are having on our health!

The way to deal with low testosterone is NOT to add more testosterone into the body.  That will feel good for a couple of weeks, but then symptoms will return and likely for the worse.  The way out of this problem is to detoxify the estrogen chemicals that have been stored inside the body.  Because the toxins are fat soluble, they will be stored in fatty tissues, including the brain.  Estrogens inside the brain will start to feminize men, with all sort of downstream effects.  The estrogen toxins stored in the rest of the body will promote weight gain and cause men to have female fat patterns around the breast, buttock, and thigh.  After all, where we store fat clearly indicates which hormones are out of balance!

At Red Mountain Chiropractic we routinely screen every patient for metabolic problems such as estrogen toxicity.  It is very common and many health care practitioners do not have the training or background in nutritional supplementation to take care of the problem.  What sets Red Mountain apart is that in addition to treating the spine with chiropractic adjustments, we also treat the visceral organs of the body.  Chiropractic is key to optimizing health because if bones are misaligned, then the muscles, nerves, and brain are affected.  Correcting misalignments in the spine increases the tone of the nervous system, enhancing the communication between the brain and body which sustains health and well being.  But it is also critical to make sure the body’s internal organs are working properly, and we do that with nutritional supplements.

The best way to increase testosterone is to detoxify and remove excess estrogen toxins from the human body.  If it were just a simple task, everyone would have sky high testosterone and sperm counts would be dropping so fast.  In fact, it takes a professional approach working with the best nutritional products on the market to get this job done.  That is why at Red Mountain Chiropractic we use Metagenics medical foods which are FDA-approved and only available from doctors.  With these powerful tools, we custom design our programs for each patient, rapidly improving the function of their internal organs and metabolic pathways.  We combine that with chiropractic to quickly enhance the function of the nervous system.  With these two powerful, safe and natural tools we improve the lives of our patients.  Call us today at to find out more about we can optimize your testosterone levels and improve your performance in all areas of your life!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Andrew