Making Your Own Healthy Baby Formula

Babies need their mothers in more ways than one.  They need the love, support and nurturing that only a mother can provide.  Babies also need the nutrition and immune system support that comes only from
breast milk.  Breast milk is mother nature’s perfect food for infants.  For example, when a baby gets a germ or bacteria inside its mouth and breast feeds, the mother’s body produces an antibody in the milk that helps the baby’s immature immune system defend against the bug.  That is just one of the many ways breast milk supports the health of the baby.  And that is all well and fine when a women is able to breast feed.  But what happens when a woman is unable or unwilling to breast feed?  How can we support the baby’s body without breast milk?

The best alternative to breast milk is to make your own formula.  The regular “formulas” out there are inadequate.  For starters, formula is either a dairy or soy base and those are two of the most common allergens in food.  Even the “hypoallergenic” brands are still dairy based.  A popular hypoallergenic formula uses casein protein and claims that it has low allergen potential.  While lactose is the most common allergen in milk, casein is a major problem as well.  Putting that protein into formula will cause problems too, just maybe not as frequently.  The good news is that we don’t have to feed that junk to our babies because we can create a “super formula” that is the next best thing to breast milk.

Dr. Rostenberg’s High Nutrient, Low Allergen Baby Formula*

  • 8 oz Organic Coconut Milk / Rice Milk / Almond Milk (choose best one for your baby)
  • 1/2 serving of Metagenics Ultracare for Kids – nutritional support for children with food allergies
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Metagenics EPA:DHA Balanced Liquid – pure, mercury-free omega 3’s
  • 1/2 capsule of Ultraflora plus DF – probiotics for improved digestion and immune health

*This is recipe is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition of any kind.  This recipe is for informational purposes only and all parents or guardians should talk to your family doctor about what is the right formula for your child

Use a Magic Bullet, a blender or shake vigorously for 10-20 seconds to mix.  Serve at room temperature or slightly warm.  This will make about 8 oz of formula.  Compared to formula sold in stores, this recipe is more comprehensive, more nutritious and more hypoallergenic as there is no dairy, soy or GMO.  Try it and let us know how it works for you!**Note: For best results, take a safety pin and enlarge the opening in the bottle nipple.  Because this formula is thicker than average, it can be difficult for babies to suck it through the small opening in most bottles. 

Giving babies formula made with cow’s milk or soy will irritate their gut at best and at worst cause all sorts of ear infections, colds, skin problems, colic, reflux, etc.  Most of the problems babies deal with have a large food allergen component.  We cannot blame every form of colic and ear infection on food allergies, but they play a huge role!  What we eat affects us greatly.  But its not the whole story.  In addition to eating the right foods, babies also need to make sure their spine is in alignment.  Misalignments of the spine can irritate important nerves and make babies more susceptible to illness.  At Red Mountain Chiropractic we combine the best of chiropractic and nutrition for each patient, young or old, to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.  Call us today at 208-322-7755 to find out more about we can help you and your loved ones improve their health!