Metagenics 10-day Clear Change Program

Spring is time for cleaning and this includes the human body, not just your yard and garage.  The human body accumulates toxic molecules all day long from eating tainted foods, breathing polluted air,

and drinking unfiltered tap water.  It is simply a fact of modern day living that toxins surround us in our homes, in our cars, at the park and at the office.

Spring is Time for Cleaning!

Red Mountain Chiropractic is offering a 10-day detoxification and weight loss program for only 90 bucks!

Speaking of fat…Did you know….?

Every pound of fat has about 20 miles of blood vessels…

Fat secretes molecules all day every day that create inflammation in the body…

Where we store fat – hips, belly, thighs, etc. – depends on which hormone is most out of balance in the body…

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