Natural Solutions to Toxins in the Home

In order to be healthy a home must be clean.  Same is true of the human body.  But many popular home products we use might actually be making us sick! Come learn the darker side of household cleaners and
personal care products.  In this fun, entertaining, and informative event Dr. Andrew Rostenberg, owner of Red Mountain Chiropractic, will explain how which products are best for promoting health inside the home and on our bodies.  Boise Schools Community Education Programs is sponsoring this fascinating discussion about a subject that impacts the environment where we live most of our lives – our home!

These poisons may cause many different symptoms including:


Stomach ache
Poor Sleep
Weight Gain 
and much more…
There are all kinds of chemicals laced into the products we commonly use for cleaning.  Billions of dollars are spent convincing us that these products are the best for the job.  These products do work, but they also leave behind chemical poisons that affect all aspect of our health.  Lucky for us there are simple, cheap, and natural alternatives for every product we use in our homes and on our bodies.  Join us as we uncover the hidden dangers of toxic products, how they affect our health, and natural solutions to clean up our homes!
WHEN: Thursday, May 17th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
WHERE: Timberline High School in Boise
COST: $18 (includes handouts)

All proceeds support Boise Public Schools!
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