Become a Distance Patient

Tele-Medicine at Red Mountain

Red Mountain Natural Medicine is pleased to offer phone and/or Skype consultations for patients both in the United States and worldwide. Our front office team is happy to help you  schedule your consultation with one of our doctors today!

To become a distance patient please complete the following:

  1. Create an account on our secure patient portal by following the link.
  2. Complete intake paperwork under the right-hand-tab labeled “Questionnaires”. Please thoroughly complete the Medical, Family, and Social Questionnaires, Notice of Privacy Practices, Financial Policy, and Phone Consultation Policy.
  3. Select the right-hand-tab “Labs & Documents” and upload any recent and relevant lab results or other relevant documents. Please submit anything that applies to your current concern and will assist the doctor in understanding your current condition. This includes a genetic variance report from MTHFR Support, LiveWello, or Genetic Genie (please contact our office with questions).
  4. Under the tab “Invoices & Payments” please add a credit card for payment of your consultations. We must have a credit card on file to reserve your appointment.
  5. Once all of your paperwork is complete, your documents have been uploaded, and your payment information is submitted our staff will call or message you to schedule your appointment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your appointment has been confirmed.

In the patient portal you may also submit a message for the staff or doctors, list medications and supplements, see visit history and invoices, and manage your contact and payment information.

An initial phone consultation with Dr. Rostenberg is $250. An initial phone consultation with Dr. McQueen or Dr. Grable is $210. This includes a 40 minute phone/Skype consultation and a detailed, follow-up correspondence which includes your personal diet, genetic, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations. If the consultation is longer than 40 minutes the additional minute fee is $3 per minute.

Follow-up phone consultations are payable in advance and will be billed at a cost of $3 per minute for the time that is reserved with the doctor.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please see our FAQ videos or give our office a call! We look forward to working with you!

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