Roundtable Discussion on Natural Health

Ever heard of Methylation? Its okay if you never have…most doctors haven’t either! It is a big subject and connects the dots between your genes, the environment, and why some people get sick with chronic diseases and others don’t. Recently Dr. Rostenberg joined other methylation experts for an online roundtable discussion.

Methylation controls how your body removes toxins, grows and repairs, and functions properly.  Methylation basically affects every cell in your body from the moment you are conceived until the moment of death.  This process has to do with genes – how they turn on and what processes they control.  Current research is now pointing to certain genes as the underlying cause of a wide variety of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, depression and many, many more.  Most of these genes have a connection to the methylation cycle, so understanding how to treat patients with these genes becomes an important tool for creating health naturally.

Dr. Rostenberg is one a handful of natural doctors in the country who specialize in this important area of study.  The philosophy behind natural health is to treat the underlying cause of disease – not cover it up with band-aids.  By treating methylation problems, Dr. Rostenberg is helping to not only fix complex health problems, but to also prevent them from ever starting.