Your Genius Body Book

Red Mountain Friends and Family,

When I moved to Boise six years ago and started my practice from scratch, I dreamed that I would make an impact in people’s lives. I knew that starting a practice in a new town from the ground up would be hard, but I also knew that chiropractic, kinesiology and functional medicine works amazingly well. I knew that all the hardships of starting something new would be worth it because we would help change our patients’ lives. Looking back to how far we have come I can say that my dream has absolutely come true. But that is not why I am writing this message to you today.

I am very excited today because I have a BIG announcement to make. This is something I have been working on carefully for the last three years. It has taken focus, patience, stamina and a great deal of help from my team. What I am excited about today is that I have written and self-published a new book!

The book is called Your Genius Body and it is written for both patients and doctors. The purpose of this book is to help explain, in as simple a way as possible, how to overcome chronic health problems by optimizing your genetic expression. This book teaches you how to first improve your digestive system and then how to optimize your genes by balancing hormones, enhancing brain function, and improving detoxification. Do all of that and you will optimize your genes and change your life!

I am also asking you to share Your Genius Body with anyone who needs some healing in their life. To make it super easy to share, I am giving the book away! Yes, you heard that right…FREE BOOK!! I am offering the book free as an ebook .pdf download. Simply go to BeyondMTHFR and sign up for a free copy. This offer will be valid for the next 8 days ending on Tuesday, March 6th. If you are like me and prefer to hold your books in your hand, you can also purchase Your Genius Body in paperback, Kindle and ebook for iBook/Nook/etc. Make sure to check it out!

We all know individuals in our lives who are struggling to overcome their health challenges. This is the book that could change their life!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Rostenberg